Spirited Away ~ My Opinion

In my opinion Spirited Away is really awesome, since I watched it when I was younger, it is one of my childhood movies that I still love. The art and design in the movie is wonderful and I like the strange characters. The music soundtrack is outstanding, it's magical and marvelous. I could listen to it all day, which I technically did. The artwork is very beautiful even though they are some very strange looking characters. And what I really like about this film is that it was made without a script, they had started to make the film before they finished the script, which I think is really cool. Plus the neames weren't just randomly chosen, like Kamaji in Japanese means "old boiler man", Yubaba means "bathhouse witch", and so on.

I had orignally watched it in Japanese (I think, it was a really long time ago) and it was so amazing although I didn't really know what was going on half the time. But now since I rewatched it in English (I kind of forgot how to speak Japanese and I couldn't find the movie in Japanese), I understand what happened and some of the themes in the movie.Like how, the protagonists aren't fully good, and even the antagonists aren't completey bad either. And there are other themes in it too, but I really like that specific theme. I love the fact that in the English version Chihiro has to kind of narrate on what she is doing because it is normal to do in Japan, but not in the USA. I think that's cool because countries have things that are normal, but it might seem strange or different to other countries. I also love the imagination of the characters, like the soot sprites, they were orginally dust or dirt, but Kamaji had made them alive by a potion.
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