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Spirited Away is a Japanese Movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It was first came out on September 20, 2002 in the USA and it's about 125 minutes long. The main Japanese actors/actresses in the film were Rumi Hiiragi (Chihiro), Miyu Irino (Haku), Mari Natsuki (Yubaba and Zeniba) and others. It is about a girl named Chihiro (ちひろ) who is moving to a different home. While they are driving to their new home, they find a pathway to an abandoned theme park. They investigate the theme park, then the dad finds the smell of food, her parents start to eat and Chihiro wanders off. A boy, sees her and tells her to run away before it becomes dark. She runs towards her parents, who are now pigs, and she starts to become transparent. The boy returns to her and tells her to eat their food or she will disappear forever. The boy, Haku (はく), leads her to a bathhouse, ゆ (Yu) [Hot Water], where she must find a job in the boiler room. That's where she meets Kamaji (かまじ) and his soots who are workers for him. He declines her offer and makes her and Lin go to Yubaba (ゆばば), who runs ゆ, she refuses as well, but changes her mind if ちひろ changes her name to Sen (せん) [it's also the number 1,000], せん agrees the offer. The following day, はく brings her to the pig pen and shows her her parents. While they talk to eachother, せん almost forgets her name, and はく warns her that he doesn't remember his name and that's why he can't go home. He tells her that if she forgets her real name she can't go back from where she ahd orginally came from. Later on that day, せん sees a dragon flying in the air, she realised that that is はく. On her first day working at ゆ, she sees a quiet spirit (No Face) [カオナシ] standing in the rain, so she leaves the door open for カオナシ to come in. Later on, the bathhouse workers encounter a "stink spirit", so ゆばば makes せん clean the costumer, once she does that, the "stink spirit" is actually a river spirit and gives her a magical herbal cake. She later sees カオナシ, he is trying to get her attention, he also helped her with cleaning the river spirit. In the next morning, せん notices that everyone is gone, she goes to invistigates and sees that everyones' attention is on カオナシ, since he can make gold out of thin air and can now speak since he ate a frog worker. The workers give him all that he needs, mostly food.

Afterwards, she sees はく in dragon form again, but he is being attacked by paper birds (せん doesn't know they are paper yet). He tries to escape them, and later on and doing so he flies into Yubaba's room. せん knows he is badly injured, so she runs to help save him, whilst doing so, she runs into カオナシ again and tries to give her gold again, upset by her refusal, he starts to eat the workers and that obviously causes panic everywhere. She arrives at Yubaba's room and sees はく unconscious, and one of the birds that happened to follow せん, sees Yubaba! Oh wait, no, that's her twin sister, Zeniba (ぜにば) who wanted revenge on はく because he stole her golden seal. ぜにば gets annoyed at Yubaba's baby, Boh, and turns him into a small mouse and also turns her sister's bird into a fly. はく starts to thrashing around, destroying the paper bird and ぜにば disappears. はく and せん falls down in a shaft that leads to the boiler room. かまじ tells her that he is internally bleeding, so she gives him half of the herbal cake the river spirit gave to her to revive him. はく is alive and then throws up the golden seal along with a slug, which せん squashes, but he is still ill and must rest. せん decides to go to Zeniba's house which is in Swamp Bottom (the sixth stop from the bathhouse) to convice ぜにば to revive him. かまじ gives her train tickets and when she's leaving, confronts カオナシ who is still terrorising the workers. She makes him eat the rest of the herbal cake and starts to vomit all the food that he has been eating. He becomes enraged and starts to chase her around ゆ whilst vomitting up more food and the 3 workers that he ate earlier until he returns to his normal size. せん continues on her journey to go to Zeniba's house, カオナシ, Boh, and the bird/fly decide to come along with her. She realises that カオナシ was only being absolutely insane because the bathhouse had changed him some how. But before they leave, ゆばば wants Boh back, since せん has her child, she can ask for her parents back and to return to her world. They end up at Zeniba's house and asks ぜにば to forgive はく for stealing her seal and for killing the slug. She says the slug was to control はく and that he is already healed with their love. ぜにば turns out to be really nice and a weaver, カオナシ decides to stay with ぜにば, since he is pretty handy. はく arrives in dragon form to Zeniba's door, せん rides on his back to return to ゆ, she recalls an old memory where she fell in a river and instead of the river letting her drown, the river carried her safely to shore. The river was called Kohaku river, Haku's real name. Right when she says his real name, his dragon scales fall off and they fall out of the air. They reach the bathhouse, and ゆばば promised to free her parents as long as she can tell her which pigs are her real parents. せん says they aren't there, and ゆばば is surprised, but lets them go, the contract dissolves and せん is ちひろ once again. They are free finally and she finds her parents, they go back to the car and her parents don't seem to remember anything that had happened (probably because they were pigs the majority of the movie). She says that she can most likely handle going to a different school and home.
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